It’s easier than you think.

Think about this … information packages are usually sent out a few days before the meeting so that everyone has a chance to get up to speed and be ready for the meeting.

The problem is no one knows how anyone else is thinking before the meeting starts. When the meeting starts, it takes time to go around the table (video conference, etc.) in order to get everyone’s perspective.

Imagine if everyone could share their views with each other before the meeting starts.  You can … it’s simple and easy.

LORROS Meetings are designed to start before everyone gets together. With LORROS, each member of your board (committee, etc.) can start adding comments to each agenda topic right away. As comments are added they are emailed out to the other members so they can reply and add their own comments.

When the ‘live’ (traditional) meeting starts, you no longer need to spend precious time soliciting input from around the table on each agenda topic. All the comments and replies are automatically captured and included with the meeting agenda.

A LORROS Meeting is a full fledged asynchronous meeting that can be used to bracket a live (in person) meeting, or on it’s own when you can’t all get together (LORROS Meetings can be scheduled to span several days or just a couple of hours).

To bracket a live meeting schedule the LORROS Meeting to start a day (or more) before the live meeting and extend a day after (see Tough Decision? – sleep on it).

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