Too many boards are made up with “people who have the time” and not necessarily the best people for the job.

Time – One of the main reasons for this is that Board Meetings can be very time consuming and it’s hard to convince someone to give up their free time to sit on another board.

Proximity – Trying to get everyone together at the same time and place can be like herding cats … or worse.

Results – People want to be on boards that actually get things done. A bit of a catch-22. If you don’t have the right people you won’t get things done … and if you don’t get things done you won’t attract the right people.

Solution – If this sounds familiar, break from the status quo and try something new. You may not find the ‘silver bullet’ that solves all your problems, but ask yourself if it’s better than what you’re doing now. If it is, you’re moving in the right direction.

At LORROS we keep asking how can we make board meetings better. What are board meetings doing today that we can improve on?

Time – Make your meetings shorter.

LORROS allows board members to start discussions on agenda topics before the meeting starts so that time is saved at the meeting. (see Want Your Meetings To Be Shorter?).

Proximity – Web conferencing has been a great benefit to many boards because it removes the necessity of everyone being in the same room. Unfortunately, they still require everyone to be available at the same time and for the duration of the meeting.

LORROS allows asynchronous meetings. The ability for a meeting to span multiple days so everyone doesn’t have to be together at the same time. (see What Is An Asynchronous Meeting?).

Results – Meetings should produce decisions that usually require actions. Unfortunately, actions can easily fall through the cracks – out of sight and out of mind until something happens (or doesn’t happen) because the action was not completed.

LORROS Actions can be attached to meeting agenda items, assigned to an individual, and given a target date. Actions stay ‘front and center’ until they are completed and the assignee is notified if they miss the target date. (see Anatomy of a LORROS Action).

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