When you receive the information package for an upcoming meeting, you will likely have a good idea on how you will vote on any motions. But what happens when the meeting starts and someone else’s perspective causes you to question your initial opinion?

To keep the meeting moving, motions are voted on and the meeting moves to the next agenda topic. If you are now questioning your initial position and want to weigh it against other positions just presented, you’re out of luck – you need to make your decision NOW.

That might work for some people, but for people like me, I like to carefully consider all options and views before committing to a decision.

LORROS Meetings help in 2 ways:

  1. In a previous blog post, I talked about how meetings would be shorter if we had a chance to share our ideas before getting together for the meeting. This also has the benefit of getting everyone’s ideas ‘on the table’ to help you weigh your decision.
  2. LORROS Meetings don’t need to end when the ‘live meeting’ is over. Keeping a LORROS Meeting open for (say 24 more hours) allows everyone to ‘sleep on’ their decision if they need to. You may not need the extra time, but if others do – it will lead to better decisions and a more effective board.

A LORROS Meeting is a full-fledged asynchronous meeting that can be used to bracket a live (in person) meeting, or on it’s own when you can’t all get together (LORROS Meetings can be scheduled to span several days or just a couple of hours).

To bracket a live meeting schedule the LORROS Meeting to start a day (or more) before the live meeting and extend a day after (see Want Your Meetings To Be Shorter?).

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