Building consensus leads to good decisions

Consensus decision making is a creative and dynamic way of reaching a good decision. It is a questioning process, in which the group members usually modify their choices until a high level of agreement within the group is achieved.

If everyone agrees to a decision they will all be much more committed to making it happen. Using LORROS polls is a quick, easy way to build consensus in your Discussions which will lead to better, stronger decisions.



Unlike Motions, LORROS Polls are non-binding and are for reference



LORROS Polls can be easily linked to and from other LORROS activities



Polls are fast  and easy – get a quick read on the direction of the group

Benefits of a LORROS Poll

  • Get quick answers from the group.
  • Add files and links to Polls.
  • Link Polls to LORROS Meetings, Actions, and Discussions.
  • Easily build consensus (gauge direction) with a poll.

LORROS Polls are quick, easy … and any member can start one

The results are available as soon as a member has voted

Polls can be easily printed

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the question after I’ve submitted the poll?

The question can only be changed before anyone has voted or made a comment.

Can I add more answers to the poll?

More answers can only be added before anyone has voted or made a comment.

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