No Standard for Meetings

Chapter Three- “Why do These Problems Exist?”

This is another in the series on how LORROS addresses the great suggestions in the book:
Momentum: “Creating Effective, Engaging and Enjoyable Meetings” by Mamie Kanfer Stewart, Tai Tsao

“Another common cause of unproductive meetings is a lack of shared processes and tools within companies.”

LORROS has a built-in meeting structure that can be saved as a template for different types of Meetings.

“Using the same template each time allows the meeting planner and participant to focus on content rather than structure so everyone can quickly grasp the information.”

Once a group gets started and comfortable with LORROS no one has to think about the process, they can focus on reaching decisions and getting things done.

“At the end of the day, routines and structure make life easier for all of us. Once you’ve done something enough times, you no longer have to think about it as much.”

No one wants to learn new software, LORROS is designed to be simple to use, but robust enough to satisfy the needs of your group. Once your group has used LORROS a couple of times the learning curve is complete. It’s taking that first step and trying something new is the difficult part.

“When you’re not sure whether you should send the meeting materials in advance by email or whether you should be taking notes from one meeting to the next, you’re unnecessarily taxing your brain.”

LORROS takes care of all that for you … you don’t even have to think about it. And, when the meeting is over, the minutes are instantly generated and everything is automatically archived and easy to find for future reference.

Photo by Niklas Hamann on Unsplash

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