LORROS Meetings

Good meetings deliver good decisions

Most formal decisions should be structured and documented. The best way of doing this is through a Meeting. LORROS Meetings make it easy for groups to meet asynchronously and/or traditionally. Scheduling is not a problem since LORROS Meetings can extend multiple days making it easy to have Meetings whenever a decision needs approval.


LORROS Meetings can be held anytime, which means all the members don’t have to be available at the same time (and/or place). No more scheduling headaches

Online Agenda

Build the Meeting agenda online – save as a draft or a template (for future Meetings). Set the schedule and a single click sends it to all members of the group

Online Voting

Voting is done online and can be visible (traditional) or blind (secret ballot). The results can be displayed in real-time or at the end of the Meeting

Automatic Minutes

Minutes and full transcripts are automatically and accurately generated, saving time and frustration



Keyword search through all Meetings. Finding past decisions and reading past minutes can be helpful in moving forward

Institutional Memory

New members can read through past Meetings and Discussions to get up to speed quickly

Benefits of a LORROS Meeting

  • The ability to hold asynchronous and/or traditional (synchronous) Meetings.
  • LORROS Meetings follow the spirit of Robert’s Rules of Order.
  • Random vs sequential agenda order ensures that agenda topics get the attention they require without being deferred or rushed.
  • Group Discussions can be linked to meetings to avoid repeating points and opinions.
  • Files can be added to agenda topics, comments and replies.
  • Full transcripts (like a Hansard Report) are printable for distribution (if required).
  • Minutes are accurately generated automatically at the end of the Meeting.
  • Guests (outside the group) can be invited to comment on agenda topics.
  • All Meetings are searchable making it easy to review past decisions.
  • New members can get ‘up to speed’ on their own time without holding the group back.

Meeting agendas are easy to read on any device

Motions can be added to each agenda topic

Motions can be voted online

Minutes and full transcripts can be printed

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone add agenda items?

Any member can add agenda items prior to the start of the Meeting. This saves having to send and resend agendas

How many motions can an agenda item have?

You can have multiple motions, but be careful that they do not conflict with each other

Can I change the dates of the meeting?

Yes, both the start date/time and the end date/time of the meeting can be changed

What happens if not enough members vote on a motion?

If a motion does not receive a quorum of votes (50% + 1), then the motion becomes invalid

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