Meetings Are a Cycle, Not an Event

Chapter Three- “Why do These Problems Exist?”

This is another in the series on how LORROS addresses the great suggestions in the book:
Momentum: “Creating Effective, Engaging and Enjoyable Meetings” by Mamie Kanfer Stewart, Tai Tsao

“A meeting is not only what happens once you’re all gathered in the same room. Each meeting goes through a complete cycle, beginning with preparation, moving to execution of the agenda, and ending with follow-through. Without proper attention paid to each element, the structure fails.”

LORROS works both synchronously and asynchronously. The meeting package is generated by LORROS and sent out to all members of the group. Instead of waiting until everyone gets together for the meeting (synchronously), with LORROS everyone can immediately start participating asynchronously. This allows for sharing ideas and opinions without the time pressure of a live (synchronous) meeting and saves precious time when the whole group is together.

“People view meetings as less work than writing a memo that explains the situation and gathering feedback, with endless follow-up reminders asking for responses.”

Being able to combine writing thoughts and verbally expressing opinions is a very powerful way to move towards a good (productive) meeting and dependable group decisions.

LORROS provides the written part of the meeting process and integrates smoothly into the verbal format. LORROS is particularly suited to online and conference meetings.

Photo by Hannah Morgan on Unsplash

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