How many times have you in some way rushed to get to a meeting (either a face to face meeting, conference call or web meeting) on time only to find that it starts late. This can happen for any number of reasons. Other members may be late and the chair does not want to start without them, the chair may be late, there may be some vital piece of information that is not available on time, members may engage in a lot of informal chit chat before they actually get down to work,the list goes on. It is frustrating and a waste of your time. It is also a cause for stress. Like you need more stress.

Try a LORROS meeting. There is no worry about being there on time because you can join the meeting at any time during the set meeting period and you can join as often as you wish and stay as long as you want. Your time does not have to be taken up by idle chatter and the timetable of others.

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