How many times have you had meetings scheduled at times that conflict with other important items on your calendar? When it does happen, you are forced to make a choice between attending the meeting or fulfilling the other commitment. If you choose not to attend the meeting, but there is an important agenda item for which you have critical input or would really like to get your point across, then you must somehow communicate with other group members before the meeting and hope that they properly represent you at the meeting. If there is an important vote to be taken, you must either vote by proxy without benefit of the discussion (if that is permitted in your group) or miss the vote.

Using LORROS avoids all of these problems. A meeting can be scheduled for a longer period, days even, and you can participate when it is convenient for you. You don’t miss any discussion since all comments and responses are emailed to all meeting participants and you can always go online to see the whole discussion. You can have input on any agenda topic at any time and you can vote at any time prior to the end of the meeting.

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