Group Decisions and Communication

LORROS is focused on improving the productivity and performance of small groups to enhance their decision-making process. Democratic decision-making leads to stronger more resilient results. Be part of a dynamic group that gets results with LORROS.


Keep all your Group communications together and easy to find



Easy keyword searching from Meetings, Discussions, etc. Find stuff fast!

Easy to Use

Very User-Friendly – Get your group up and running in minutes


Set up as Committees of the parent group with different members


Set different privileges and titles to different members


Easily retrieve past Meetings, Discussions, etc. with a couple of clicks

Benefits of a LORROS Group

  • Invite as many members as you want
  • You can belong to multiple groups with the same login
  • Easily create multiple Committees from a parent group
  • Voting access, admin privileges and titles can be assigned to each member
  • All Group data can be downloaded at any time
  • All Group data is erased if you chose to delete the Group from LORROS

Easily start a new Group

To start a group, invite new members

Full-featured administration functions

All current activities are on the home page

Frequently Asked Questions

How many members can I have in a Group?

Technically, you can have an unlimited number of members however, LORROS works best with smaller (< 20) members.

What is a member with Admin Access?

A member with Admin Access can add/edit/remove other members, start a Meeting, delete/manage the archives and various other functions required to manage a Group

How does a Committee work?

A parent Group can add Committees that are separate groups (same functionality) and can include members of the parent group and/or new members that only belong to the Committee

Voting and non-voting members

A non-voting member can do everything that a voting member can except vote in Polls or Meetings.

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