LORROS Discussions


Good discussions lead to good decisions

But getting together for a good discussion is not so easy. Fortunately, LORROS makes it easy to have group (collaborative) discussions asynchronously (anytime, anywhere). Then, when you do get together as a group you are closer to a decision.

LORROS Discussions capture and contain group communication in an easy to use a format which is similar to email. Any group member may start a discussion and all discussions can be keyword searched.


Time Sensitive

LORROS Discussions have an end date, so unlike emails, they don’t go on forever


LORROS Discussions can be easily linked to and from other LORROS activities


Discussions are automatically archived, you don’t have to sort threads into folders

No Broken Threads

LORROS Discussions eliminate the broken threads when a group member forgets to “reply all”


You receive email alerts about new topics and comments, but you can also mute the Discussion

Clean Inbox

LORROS Discussions are saved so after they are read they can be deleted from your inbox

Benefits of a LORROS Discussion

  • Group email address centralized – no need for everyone to keep and update a group list.
  • No need to save emails – keep your inbox uncluttered.
  • Discussions have an end date – no more endless threads.
  • Comments and replies are grouped – no more broken threads.
  • Attach files to the Discussion, as well as comments and replies.
  • Easy keyword search – find stuff fast.
  • Download as pdf – copies of the discussion can be distributed.
  • Link discussions to LORROS Meetings, Actions, and Polls.
    • If you’ve already discussed something, no need repeating it.
    • Build consensus (gauge direction) with a poll.
    • Create actions from Discussions.

LORROS Discussions are like a combination of email, blog and Facebook

Add comments like responding to an email or blog post.

Add replies directly to specific comments

All Discussions are keyword searchable

Full Discussions can be easily printed

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not interested in being part of this discussion, what can I do?

At any time during the Discussion you can mute the emails. You will still be able to add comments/replies when you are muted.

Can I re-start a discussion?

Members with admin access can re-start a Discussion.

Can I change the end date after the discussion has started?

Yes, the member who started the Discussion (or any admin member) can change the date.

Can I delete a Discussion?

Members with admin access can delete a Discussion once it is over (in archives).

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