Unnecessary Confusion

“When it comes to sharing information after a meeting, someone needs to type up the decisions and next steps and communicate them. If this doesn’t happen, all those in attendance have their own records of the meeting, which may have different versions of what was agreed to.”

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Bad Meetings

“Unfortunately, I’ve spoken to too many people who see bad meetings as a fact of life, a ‘necessary evil’.”

“Appropriate tools that can be used before, during, and after meetings should be available and applied.”

“Has your organization, leadership, or team recognized the need for better meetings?”

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Meetings Are a Cycle, Not an Event

“A meeting is not only what happens once you’re all gathered in the same room. Each meeting goes through a complete cycle, beginning with preparation, moving to execution of the agenda, and ending with follow-through. Without proper attention paid to each element, the structure fails.”

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Meetings Don’t Lead to Anything

“When there is ambiguity about next steps or who should take them, nothing gets done. If an item requiring action was not clearly stated as a task and given an owner, no one is going to do it. If it’s seen as something that’s optional, no one is going to do it. Period.”

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So Why Have Meetings?

“Good meetings save time in the long run because everyone is working on the same page together, rather than separately while trying to stay informed about what everyone else is doing.”

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