A case for improved meetings

I recently read an article by Don Keelan for the Bennington Banner titled “A case for improved meetings” and he touched on many of the frustrations that led to the development of LORROS.

“I found many meetings to be boring and not too productive”

– Don Keelan

Meetings are inevitable … they have been around forever … and yet we keep doing meetings the same way hoping they might (miraculously) get better.

“insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

– Albert Einstein

LORROS is all about doing meetings differently … Let’s break down in Don’s article some of the problems and how LORROS addresses them.

Problem: they are too long, too many, agendas too structured, participants arriving late and unprepared, handouts arriving late, and so on

LORROS meetings can be conducted remotely and can be from 1 hour to multiple days. It’s easy (and encouraged) to have multiple single agenda LORROS meetings instead of one long (boring) meeting. Participants can start making comments as soon as they log on (no waiting). Handouts are attached to each agenda topic and can be read at leisure by each participant.

Problem: there is too much material to digest in a short period of time

All LORROS meetings are automatically archived and are keyword searchable. This provides ‘institutional memory’ for new board members that they can research on their own time.

Problem: Also, and most important, your fellow board members are giving up their time to attend the meeting(s), so respect them for it. Marathons are running events, not meetings

LORROS Meetings are designed to start before everyone gets together. With LORROS, each board member can start adding comments to each agenda topic right away. As comments are added they are emailed out to the other members so they can reply and add their own comments.

When the ‘live’ (traditional) meeting starts, you no longer need to spend precious time soliciting input from around the table on each agenda topic. All the comments and replies are automatically captured and included with the meeting agenda. (read more in the article “Want Your Meetings to be Shorter?”)


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