Decisions are one thing, actions are another

  LORROS actions can be recorded and assigned during a meeting. Updates are submitted by the assigned party and these can be tracked and commented on by all participants. The target completion date is also recorded. A list of all open actions can be found on the group...

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So Why Have Meetings?

“Good meetings save time in the long run because everyone is working on the same page together, rather than separately while trying to stay informed about what everyone else is doing.”

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Tough Decision? – Sleep on it.

  When you receive the information package for an upcoming meeting, you will likely have a good idea on how you will vote on any motions. But what happens when the meeting starts and someone else’s perspective causes you to question your initial opinion? To keep the...

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What is an Asynchronous Meeting?

When we think of meetings we think of people sitting around a table (web conference, etc.) at the same time. The Chair controls who can speak and only one person can speak at a time. This would be a Synchronous Meeting. If synchronous means that everyone needs to be...

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Bad Meetings

“Unfortunately, I’ve spoken to too many people who see bad meetings as a fact of life, a ‘necessary evil’.”

“Appropriate tools that can be used before, during, and after meetings should be available and applied.”

“Has your organization, leadership, or team recognized the need for better meetings?”

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