LORROS Actions

Good decisions generate actions 

The most important result of a meeting is the set of decisions, outcomes, and next steps (or actions) that are the result of the meeting.

 Actions get things done, however, unless actions are targeted and tracked they often fall through the cracks and don’t get done.

LORROS Actions automatically keep track of all group actions so they don’t get forgotten.



LORROS Actions are assigned to a member (the owner of the Action)


Target Dates

LORROS Actions have a target date and a reminder to keep Actions on track


Past Due

Past due Actions are flagged and highlighted until they are completed



Actions can be transferred from one owner to another as required



LORROS Actions can be easily linked to and from other LORROS activities


Actions are archived when they are completed so they are easy to review

Benefits of LORROS Actions

  • Any member can start an Action, or Actions can be assigned by Admin.
  • Actions have a set target date.
  • Group members can comment on Actions, add files and offer advice.
  • The owner of the Action provides updates to the group.
  • The owner of the Action is notified when the target date arrives and the Action is flagged if the target date has passed.
  • Action records can be downloaded as PDF files to be distributed if necessary.
  • Actions can be linked to other LORROS activities such as motions in Meetings.
  • All Actions are keyword searchable.

Any member can add an Action at any time

Actions can also be added directly from agenda topics in Meetings

Action target dates and responsibilities can be changed at any time

Overdue Actions are highlighted

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change who is responsible for the action?

Any member with admin access can change who is responsible for the action … at any time.

Can I change the target date?

Any member with admin access can change the target date.

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