What is a Discussion?

A discussion is like an email thread among the group. The advantage of a LORROS discussion (unlike an email thread) is that the entire discussion is packaged and kept together.

Discussions normally happen between meetings, but they can be linked to meetings so that the dialogue doesn’t get repeated.

Is a LORROS discussion private?

No. Think of it as a discussion around a water cooler. Anyone in the office can see that the discussion is taking place and can join in.

When the discussion is first started, all members of the group are sent an email. After that, anyone in the group may opt-in or out at any time if they don’t want to get the emails.

The discussion is always available online to the group, and can be downloaded by anyone in the group.
Once the discussion is finished, any member with admin access can permanently delete the discussion and no record is available.

How do I opt-in/out of a discussion?

At the top of each discussion there is a dropdown of all the participants.

The slider at the top off the dropdown allows you to opt-out (turn off the email comments/replies) of this discussion. The red email icon  beside a members name indicates that they have opted-out of the discussion.

You can opt-in again at any time by moving the slider to the green email icon .

Can an archived discussion be re-opened?

Yes. Any member with Admin Access can reactivate a discussion after it has closed.