What is an Action?

An action is most commonly used during a meeting when follow-up is required.  An action is assigned to a member of the group, who becomes the owner of the action and  target date is set.

Can I assign an action item to someone else?

Any member with Admin Access can assign actions to anyone. Other members of the group cannot assign actions to anyone else, when they create an action it is automatically assigned to them – they have volunteered for the action.

What happens when action item becomes due?

When the action is due (reaches the target date and is not completed), an email is sent to the owner of the action item reminding that it is due today.

If the action does not get completed on the due date, the action (on the group home page) is highlighted to bring attention to the owner that it needs their attention.

Can I change the target date of an action item?

Yes, any member with Admin Access can edit the action item – including changing the target date.