Start a Group and Invite Members

To start your Group, click on the “Start a New Group” button on your homepage and fill in the form.

Invite members by typing in their email addresses separated by a comma or space.  When you are finished hit enter and send the invitations.

The member invitation form indicates which invitations are outstanding and allows invitations to be resent (or deleted) as necessary.   If there are any outstanding invitations 24 hours after the initial invitations have been sent, a Notice will be sent to you, the member who started the Group.  These Notices continue daily until the member(s) accepts or you delete the invitation.

All invited members are given voting rights by default.  This can be changed once the Group has been formed, and any time thereafter (see Edit / Delete Members).

You automatically receive Admin Access when you start a Group. Once other members have joined, you can provide them with Admin Access (see Member Categories and Rights).   Admin Access can be changed at any time (see Edit / Delete Members).