LORROS Activities

Muting Messages

You have the option to “mute” the email Messages from the Group.  Muting turns off all the email Messages associated with that specific LORROS Activity.

If members have muted email Messages, then they will not see your comment in real time – unless logged into LORROS.

To change email Message preferences, simply

  1. click the “Participants” drop down
  2. drag the email button left (toward the red envelope) to turn it off (mute emails)
  3. drag the email button right (toward the green envelope) to turn it on (receive emails)

Members who have muted are flagged in the list of participants for the Activity, so other Group members know they will not be receiving information in a timely manner.

Note: Members who have muted still receive LORROS Notices (see LORROS Email Notices and Messages).