Group Size and Billing

There is no limit to the size of a LORROS Group.

The basic LORROS plan covers up to 10 members in a Group.  For larger Groups, there is an additional charge for each member over 10 (extended plan).

Subscription periods are monthly or annually as chosen by the Group.  The billing cycle starts on the day the first subscription payment is received by LORROS.  For example, if a Group pays a monthly subscription on January 20, this will cover the period from January 20 to February 19.

If a Group chooses to unsubscribe from LORROS during a subscription period, the Group may continue to use LORROS until the scheduled end of the period.  No refunds are provided.

If a Group chooses not to renew its subscription at the end of a subscription period, the Group’s information will be kept in the LORROS database for six months after the subscription end date.  During that time, Group members can access that information but cannot start any new LORROS Activity.

If a Group upgrades the subscription from monthly to annually and there is still time (credit) available on the monthly subscription, it will be credited to the annual subscription.