Voting validity /pass / fail

A quorum of members (see Conducting a Meeting – Motions – Quorum) must have participated in the voting on a motion in order for that vote to be valid.  A member who chooses to abstain is considered to have participated in the vote.  If there are not enough members participating, then LORROS does not tabulate the results and, effectively, the motion fails.

For a motion to pass, there have to be more votes in favour than against.  A tie vote defeats the motion.

An example of all of this:  a group has 9 members,  the LORROS quorum is 5

Participating MembersForAgainstAbstainOutcome
7 members4 members3 members0 membersmotion passes
8 members4 members4 members0 membersmotion fails
5 members2 members1 member2 membersmotion passes
5 members1 member0 members4 membersmotion passes
4 members3 members1 member0 membersmotion is invalid
(refresh browser if the table doesn’t show)

(hopefully, rows 3, 4 and 5 rare situations)