Anatomy of a LORROS Discussion

LORROS Discussions capture and contain group information in an easy to use format.

And, can be used in very much the same way as group email. LORROS Discussions allows

  • any group member to start a discussion;
  • keyword searching for past discussions.

However, there are some clear advantages to discussions, over normal email (see table):

  • Discussions have an end date, so threads don’t go on forever.
  • You receive email alerts about new topics and comments, and yet you can mute the alerts at any time.
  • LORROS automatically archives and indexes Discussions, so you don’t have to sort threads into folders.
  • All group members can take part (while in email you can accidentally leave someone off the list).
  • Eliminates the risk of broken threads when a group member forgets to “Reply to All”.
  • LORROS Discussions reduces the risk of accidental forwards of confidential information.