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Comments and replies - some things to know

LORROS makes it easier to keep Discussion threads together but the success of doing so also relies on the user. There are three levels of input into LORROS.

Level 1: Background information to begin a Discussion, Action or submit an Agenda Topic, posted by the person who starts the Discussion, Action or Agenda Topic. This information will state the reasons for the Discussion, Action and/or provide background for the Agenda Topic.

Level 2: Comments about the background information posted at Level 1. Comments should directly relate to the Level 1 subject matter.

Level 3: Replies to comments respond to an already posted comment and are more directly related to that comment than the Level 1 subject matter.  

Following this protocol will help organize Message and Discussion threads.

Here’s an example:

Discussion Background or Agenda Topic Background:

I received an email complaint from Simon Kane (unit 56) regarding owners not cleaning up after their dogs as well as allowing them to run around the property unleashed and unattended.  Simon has asked the board to look into this and come up with a solution. I have attached the portion of our bylaws pertaining to pets, and am looking for your input.

Comment – relates directly the background:

I agree with Simon, the issue seems to be getting worse. It is possible that the owners have forgotten (or never read) the bylaws, so we should send an email to everyone reminding them of their obligations as pet owners.

Reply – relates more to the above comment than to the background:

I’m not sure that will be enough, but it might be a good start.

Comment – relates more directly the background

I don’t think that ignorance of the law (by-law) is a defense, and besides it’s just common courtesy to clean up after your dog. The fact that we are even talking about this shows that some owners just don’t have respect for their neighbours.

Comment – relates more directly the background:

I think we can get a couple of signs (at Staples or somewhere) that ask that you pick up after your dog – I know I’ve seen them before and I’m sure they won’t cost much.

Reply – relates more to the above comment than to the background

Great idea, I just Googled it and found this website where we can order some signs.

If, at this point if someone wanted to talk more about signage in general, this should be the subject of a new Discussion.

It will not always be clear whether a posting should be a comment or a reply so some subjective judgment must be used.  Try to be guided by the question “How clear will this be to read later on?”.

Expanding comments / seeing replies

LORROS Agenda Topics and comments only display the first few words.    This is done to keep the pages looking cleaner.  Clicking “Read More” expands the text and shows related replies and attachments.

Order of comments

Comments and replies for current LORROS activities are presented in reverse chronological order.  The latest comment or reply will be at the top of the list.  Once the activity is over, the comments and replies are presented in chronological order. This facilitates reading and following the thread.