The Conference Call


When telephone conference calls first became widely available, all of us who attended meetings on a regular basis rejoiced in the freedom this gave us. Conference call meetings meant that we did not have to travel, near or far, to …

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Cut 20 Minutes From Your Meeting.


If you could cut 20 minutes from your meeting – would you? Of course you would, and LORROS makes it easy.

Let’s use the example of the Cedar Springs Condominium board. They meet each month to review and discuss the …

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LORROS Town Hall Meetings


At its essence, a town hall meeting is members of a community coming together to discuss an issue or issues of common concern. The primary purpose is to provide information to the community and collect feedback.

Normally organizing a town …

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LORROS Open Meetings


In most jurisdictions, open meeting regulations regarding board meetings (as opposed to general membership meetings) do not guarantee a right to participate, only to observe. Unless otherwise required in governing documents, participation is usually at the board’s discretion.

Even if …

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Lorros Now Has More Group Roles


In the previous versions of LORROS, there were only three roles within the group – Leader (or chair), Staff and Voting Member.  The latest version of Lorros now has Chair, Co-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Staff and Voting Member.  This recognizes …

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The Long and Short of Agendas


There is much debate about how many items should be included in a meeting agenda and, as you might suspect, there is no one clear answer. It all depends. It depends on, among other things, the type of group, the …

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Attracting Good People

right-peopleDo you have trouble finding people to serve on your board or committee?

This seems to be a universal problem.  Many boards and committee chairs have trouble filling all the necessary positions in their groups.  There are many reasons for …

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Accurate and Timely Minutes


The production and checking of minutes has been a perpetual problem for many organizations.  In the first instance, unless there is a recording secretary already part of the group and present at the meeting, the chair must seek a volunteer …

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Balancing the blowhards and the shrinking violets

bullyIn a perfect world everyone would have an equal voice at every meeting . . . however, we know that seldom happens.  

We’ve all been to meetings where one or more individual dominates the meeting.  They talk too long and …

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