Cut 20 Minutes From Your Meeting.

Bob Lorriman | Apr 4th, 2014 | No Comments

If you could cut 20 minutes from your meeting – would you? Of course you would, and LORROS makes it easy.

Let’s use the example of the Cedar Springs Condominium board. They meet each month to review and discuss the business of the condominium.

agenda-1Each meeting, the property manager submits the monthly financial report that the manager presents, the board comments on, asks questions, and approves before moving on to the next item. On average this takes about 20 minutes.

With LORROS, the property manager schedules a meeting (prior to the monthly meeting) with the financial report including his notes and comments. Each board member then reviews the report at their convenience, makes comments and asks questions that are all shared with the other board members automatically by email. The LORROS meeting includes a motion to approve the financial report, and each board member votes on the motion.

minutes-1When this LORROS meeting is over, the property manager saves a pdf copy of the LORROS meeting including the results of the motion to approve the financial report, and includes it in the agenda of the regular monthly meeting.

Simple . . . 20 minutes just got cut from the meeting.  And that’s just the financial report, there’s many other agenda items that can be done with LORROS as well cutting even more time off your meeting . . . or even replacing the whole meeting.

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