LORROS Town Hall Meetings

Bob Lorriman | Mar 4th, 2014 | No Comments

At its essence, a town hall meeting is members of a community coming together to discuss an issue or issues of common concern. The primary purpose is to provide information to the community and collect feedback.

Normally organizing a town hall meeting is time consuming and expensive.  With LORROS – it’s FREE !open-meeting

Simply click the Open the Meeting link at the top of a meeting Agenda.  An email is generated that can be forwarded to the general membership. The email contains a link to the meeting, and the access code required to connect to the meeting as a general member.

Each general member will receive all the email discussions during the meeting, and will be able to comment and reply once (only) for each agenda item.  Once the meeting is over, general members no longer have access to the meeting, but the board can print a pdf copy of the meeting and distribute it as required.

Next time your board needs to inform and/or collect feedback from the entire organization a LORROS town hall meeting is a quick easy solution.

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