LORROS Open Meetings

Bob Lorriman | Mar 4th, 2014 | No Comments

In most jurisdictions, open meeting regulations regarding board meetings (as opposed to general membership meetings) do not guarantee a right to participate, only to observe. Unless otherwise required in governing documents, participation is usually at the board’s discretion.

Even if your province/state doesn’t have specific rules governing open meetings, open board meetings should be the rule. open-meetingThe key is transparency, it’s always a good idea to have open meetings.

LORROS now makes it really easy to open your meetings.  Simply click the Open the Meeting link at the top of a meeting Agenda.  An email is generated that can be forwarded to the general membership.  The email contains a link to the meeting, and the access code required to connect to the meeting as an observer.

An observer will receive all the email discussions during the meeting, but will not be able to comment or reply.  Once the meeting is over, observers no longer have access to the meeting, but the board can print a pdf copy of the meeting and distribute it as required.

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