Balancing the blowhards and the shrinking violets

Bob Lorriman | Aug 10th, 2013 | No Comments

bullyIn a perfect world everyone would have an equal voice at every meeting . . . however, we know that seldom happens.  

We’ve all been to meetings where one or more individual dominates the meeting.  They talk too long and too often, are hard to shut up, and usually enjoy hearing themselves talk.  Sometimes these people have been involved in the group longer than others and promote the status quo stifling new ideas and directions.

These meetings become less productive and/or relevant as the other participants are just wasting their time and not contributing to the group.

Dealing with these individuals can be challenging, distracting, and unproductive to the business at hand.  

violetOn the flip-side are the members of the group that are too quite and fail to contribute to the meeting.  

This could be a result of many things; fear of being ridiculed, they came to the meeting unprepared, they haven’t formulated their idea fully and are not ready to present it, or even that they are very shy and are not comfortable speaking up.  Whatever the reason, their lack of participation also makes the meeting less productive.

Balancing the blowhards and the shrinking violets can be an arduous task for the chair of the meeting and takes energy away from delivering productive results.

Lorros eliminates this problem completely.  At a regular meeting the chair recognizes each speaker and they have the floor.  Others wanting to add to the dialog have to wait their turn.  With Lorros any member of the group can add their comments at anytime and they are immediately emailed to the other participants.  So the blowhards can type away to their hearts content, but they no longer hijack the meeting.  Meanwhile the shrinking violets can take their time, do research (if required), formulate their thoughts and contribute to the meeting.

Lorros allows you to comment on any agenda topic in any order, as well you can respond to someone else’s comment.  This separates the discussion into new topic comments and responses or rebuttals to other comments and helps keep the meeting on track.

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