Accurate and Timely Minutes

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The production and checking of minutes has been a perpetual problem for many organizations.  In the first instance, unless there is a recording secretary already part of the group and present at the meeting, the chair must seek a volunteer to take notes.  The quality of the notes will be dependent on the skill of that volunteer to take these notes while being a participant in the meeting.

After the meeting, someone must then interpret these notes and translate them into proper minutes.  The problems here can be inaccurate or confusing notes, incomplete comments or the reflection of a bias on the part of the note taker and/or the minute writer.

Once draft minutes are complete, they are usually reviewed by the chair.  This review can be influenced by the memory of the chair and perhaps, the bias of the chair.

And this all takes time.  Usually, an unacceptable amount of time has passed before the minutes are completed and circulated.  Often the minutes of the last meeting are included in the agenda package for the next meeting.  It is difficult then for members to evaluate them properly before approval.

With Lorros, the minutes of the meeting are produced as the meeting progresses.  All comments and responses by the members are captured in the Lorros database and form the final minutes.  These minutes are available online immediately after the meeting is over.  There is no question of accuracy since they reflect exactly what was said.

For Lorros users, the minutes can be downloaded and keyword searched at any time for future reference.

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