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Greater Flexibility in Scheduling Meetings   watch the video

A meeting can now be started right away by choosing today’s date as the start. No more needing to wait until tomorrow as the earliest starting time.

A meeting can now be ended on any hour of the day by selecting the hour when the end date is chosen in scheduling. The default is still 11:59 pm on the chosen end date.

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Create Agenda Templates to Re-Use   watch the video

You can now store agenda templates for regular meetings with common agenda items. This means that agendas do not have to be started from scratch for each meeting.

You can also save the agenda and finish it later watch the video, or send out the agenda notice when you're finished.

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You access your saved templates from the group home page (admin members only)

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meetings badge meetings badge Improved Email Notices

More Information in End of Meeting Notices

The notice that is sent to all group members the day before the meeting ends now provides information on voting participation by members on every motion and flags any motion which may still be invalid due to insufficient participation. This helps ensure that members will vote before the meeting is over.

The notice that is sent to all group members after the meeting has ended now shows the results of the voting on all motions.

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