Take a
Test Drive

Why not take LORROS for a free spin to see what it can do?
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1. Connect a Group

From you homepage, click the "Connect a Group Now" button.

scheduling problems

2. You are the Leader

When entering the Group information (it can be a fictitious group), be sure to select your role as the group Chair.

3. Add Test Driver

Add Test Driver - test@lorros.com (as shown) as a voting member. This will automatically connect you with a second group Cedar Springs which will allow you to see a (fictitious) group in action.

the problem

4. You're all Set!

And that's it. Now you are connected with your own group as well as Cedar Springs.

5. Start Something

Go ahead, start a meeting, discussion, action item, or poll - Have FUN!

You will also be able to check out how Cedar Springs, the fictitious condo board group is using LORROS.

the problem

6. Check Out Cedar Springs

To get to Cedar Springs, simply go to the My Groups dropdown menu at the top of the page and click Cedar Springs.

7. Now, Delete your Group

When you are done, just go back to your Test Group (from the dropdown menu at the top), go to the bottom and select Edit Group Information, and the Delete Group button.

That's it - have FUN!