Start with Discussions

 We started LORROS using the discussion feature. This allowed our members to become familiar in an informal way. Members learned how to start the discussion, enter comments and replies and upload files. Once the group was comfortable, we started using LORROS for meetings. 

email hell

Then some "easy" items

 We started LORROS meetings for agenda items such as approving the previous minutes and standard reports. We used our regular meetings for more material matters. We have since added more and more agenda items to LORROS meetings. 

scheduling problems

Every second Meeting

 We were nervous about a major commitment to LORROS at first so we used the application for every second meeting. Now our members are urging us to use LORROS more and I foresee that soon we may be having the more "conventional" meetings only a couple of times a year. 

Start with Committees

 Using LORROS for some of our committees seemed to be the best introduction for us. We started with a couple of committees who had frequent meetings and then more committees wanted to use it. I can see that someday soon we will be using it for some of our board meetings.