Connect Any Group

We've made it really easy to connect any group to LORROS - plus all new groups get the first 4 uses free!

Connect Your Group

From you homepage, click the "Connect a Group Now" button.

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1. Your Role

Since you're the one connecting the group, select your role in the group (Chair, Voting Member, staff, etc.).

2. Group Information

Then fill in the group name (the background info is optional and can be done later). Select the timezone of the group, and check the terms and conditions box.

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3. Add Members

Fill in the name and email of each of the other members.

If they are not registered with LORROS, they will be sent an email with login information.

You're All Done!

That's it . . . an email is sent to everyone informing them that your group is now connected to LORROS.

You can now start a discussion, meeting, poll or action. Everyone in your group will receive emails informing them you started something.