meeting costs

The 4 Components of a Meeting.

Most of the time we only think of the meeting as the actual time we spend sitting around the table talking.

In reality we must consider all 4 components of the meeting when we analyze the total time and money we spend on meetings.

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Meeting Costs

If meetings are an essential part of your group or business - they can be very time consuming and costly. LORROS is designed to help you reduce your meeting costs at each phase.

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Meeting Preparation

Before each meeting, someone needs to prepare an agenda, arrange a place to meet, and try to co-ordinate everyone's schedule.

With LORROS (up to 10% Savings)

  • The agenda is created online (attachments are uploaded - not attached) and an email is automatically sent to each member.

  • Any member can add agenda topics at any time prior to the meeting. When something new is added, and updated draft is emailed to each member.

  • The draft agenda topics can also be edited and/or deleted prior to the start of the meeting.

The Actual Meeting

Email meetings are not intended to replace all meetings, but the time and cost savings can be substantial.

With LORROS (up to 50% Savings)

  • LORROS meetings are scheduled over a number of days which eliminates most scheduling problems, and because they are email-based, there is no travel time/expense or the need for everyone to be available at the same time.

  • Because LORROS meetings are done by email over a number of days, members can log into the meeting when it is convenient for them without disrupting their other activities - making the best use of their time.

  • Members can comment on any agenda topic at any time, and move back and forth from topic to topic. This way the topics that need the most attention will always get it.

Between Meetings

With LORROS (up to 10% Savings)

  • There are no broken email threads.

  • Members can opt-in/out of a discussion - but it is available online.

  • Comments and replies are grouped together so it is easy to follow the discussion.

  • All discussions are keyword searchable.

Post Meeting

With LORROS (up to 100% Savings)

  • The minutes are created automatically at the end of each meeting, and are available to be downloaded as a pdf or rtf (Rich Text Format) document for easy, immediate distribution.

  • There is no need to send draft minutes, or to approve the minutes because the minutes are what each member posted, accuracy is built in.

  • The minutes are always available and archived online (cloud) and are keyword searchable.