Accomplishments begin once a decision is made.

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No Rushing Agendas

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Take time to reflect.

  • There is time to think (and even research) before contributing.

  • No rushed or deferred agenda items. There is plenty of time to cover all agenda items thoroughly.

  • Random agenda means the topics that need the most attention - get it.

  • You can spend your time concentrating on a few agenda items but still be in the loop for all the others.

  • There is time to be persuaded by others and change your mind.


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Decisions are transparent and accountable

  • Everyone is responsible for what they add to the meeting. What is actually said is what is recorded.

  • No mis-understanding or interpretation of meeting notes. No possibility of a misquote or misinterpretation.

  • All LORROS activities are archived and keyword searchable .

Secret Voting

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Honest voting.

  • No peer pressure when voting. Results of voting are not revealed until the meeting is over.

  • Not seeing how others voted, leads to a more honest vote. Your vote is not influenced by the way others are voting.

  • You can change your vote at any time before the end of the meeting - without anyone knowing.