improve meeting productivity
save time

Meetings are normally scheduled for a specific period of time in the future that everyone is available.  The agenda and information package is sent out in advance so everyone can be prepared when they arrive at the meeting.

But … before the meeting actually starts, no one knows what anyone else is thinking.

With LORROS – thoughts, ideas, and questions are shared with the group before getting together.

So … everyone ‘hits the ground running’ when the meeting actually starts.


include everyone

Scheduling a meeting at a time that is convenient for everyone is extremely difficult and usually someone is unable to make it.

But … the meeting goes on anyway … with one less voice at the table.

With LORROS – everyone can always participate – even if they can’t make the meeting.

sober second thought

New ideas and opinions are the true value of having meetings.

But … agenda topics must keep moving to fit the time frame, so … decisions must be made ‘on the spot’.

With LORROS – the meeting can be extended, giving everyone time to weigh their thoughts  and decisions carefully without feeling rushed.

data capture

Everything added through LORROS is captured and stored in the cloud.

Minutes and transcripts are available with a simple click.

Everything is archived and keyword searchable making it quick and simple to review past meetings and decisions.

Having all the data accessible provides institutional memory – this facilitates the transition for new members to get up to speed.

LORROS includes many other features to improve and enhance your meetings

Motions are moved, seconded and voted online.  Vote results are confidential in order to eliminate any influence by the way others have voted.

Voting can be set to ‘blind’ leaving votes open until voting is set to visible, or the meeting ends.

action items

Meetings often produce action items, but they often fall through the cracks and get forgotten.

LORROS action items can be set from within each agenda topic including who it is assigned to and a target date. Never lose track of action items again!


Polls can be called from within each agenda topic.

Polls, unlike motions are not binding – they help build consensus and engage everyone in the group.

Using polls as the meeting progresses leads towards better decisions  and cooperation.


Discussions keep all the group communication in an organized, accessible format rather than using email threads that are easily broken.

Communication (discussions) between meetings can be linked to meeting agenda topics keeping the group engaged and productive.