Accomplishment is a strong motivator.

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Get Things Done

get it done

Getting things done encourages participation.

  • Meetings can have a lot of "collateral damage" - a lot of time is spent listening around the table and waiting for your turn. LORROS allows you to participate at anytime on any agenda topic - maximizing the productivity of the whole group.

  • LORROS meetings can take place at anytime and might only be 1 agenda item. Don't wait for your next scheduled meeting, have a LORROS meeting and get it done!

Don't Waste Time

get it done

My time is valuable . . .

  • LORROS minutes are available (and searchable) online immediately - no wasted time, no misinterpretation.

  • Opt out of discussion emails that don't involve you. All discussions are still available online.

  • Participate in LORROS asynchronously (without having to disrupt your workflow).

Make it Easy

get it done

Convenient participation.

  • Everything is online - nothing to download. LORROS can be accessed anytime from anywhere.

  • All LORROS components can be downloaded as pdf and rtf files (Rich Text Format) for further distribution.

  • All LORROS components (discussions, polls, meetings, actions) can be linked, providing easy to follow and logical steps.