improving board communication and meeting productivity

LORROS is for boards, committees, or any group that meets regularly to discuss and make decisions in a formalized manner.

capture and contain communication
  • LORROS Discussions put an end to confusing and broken email threads.
  • Discussions are set up like a Facebook feed, comments and replies are added within the feed.
  • Easily search and link to other Discussions.
  • Discussions have an end date and are automatically archived.
  • Print full transcripts of Discussions for easy distribution and record keeping.


learn more: Anatomy of a LORROS Discussion

LORROS Meetings offer more flexibility
  • Save time in the ‘live’ meetings by sharing comments and replies.
  • All input is updated simultaneously to all logged in members.
  • All comments/replies are captured and available in a transcript.
  • Minutes automatically generated as pdf.
  • Use polls to cultivate and build consensus.
  • Automatically track and target action items.


learn more: Anatomy of a LORROS Meeting

keyword searching
  • All data is stored in the cloud and can be easily found.
  • Searches are broken down by activity such as Meetings, Discussions, etc.
  • No more data getting lost in emails.


learn more: Anatomy of a LORROS Discussion

LORROS includes many other features to improve and enhance productivity

Motions are moved, seconded and voted online.  Vote results are confidential in order to eliminate any influence by the way others have voted.

Voting can be set to ‘blind’ leaving votes open until voting is set to visible, or the meeting ends.

action items

Meetings often produce action items, but they often fall through the cracks and get forgotten.

LORROS action items can be set from within each agenda topic including who it is assigned to and a target date. Never lose track of action items again!


Polls can be called from within each agenda topic.

Polls, unlike motions are not binding – they help build consensus and engage everyone in the group.

Using polls as the meeting progresses leads towards better decisions  and cooperation.